Young Participation

I often write about the importance of including all scores of society in the city planning process. Further expanding on this idea, I believe there is a particular group of society  that can bring great value to the city planning and design process…. youth!  Advertisements

Time for a power shift…

There is a significant disproportion between the people who live and experience the city day to day, and those who take a lead in making decisions on how future design of the city. It’s time for a power shift, and a new wave of city planning practice which truly empowers the people it sets out […]

What is community engagement?

‘Community engagement’, ‘stakeholder engagement’, ‘public consultation’, ‘participatory planning’ … there are many ways to refer to the process whereby planners, architects or other actors in the development process may seek to engage and communicate with the wider public. But what is ‘community engagement’? And what is its purpose?

Love your city!

As urban planners we are all too often preoccupied with identifying the problems in our cities. But imagine if planners spent the same amount of time identifying a community’s assets than they do its weaknesses? 

Greening our cities

One of the major challenges we face in light of urbanisation and the increasing pressures of climate change, is the loss green space. It is now even more important that we incorporate and carefully consider the addition of green and blue spaces into the design our cities.

My vision…

I remember first gaining an interest in urban planning whilst studying a “World Cities”  module for geography during college. I was captivated by learning about the mega-metropolises of the world. The intricate and complex processes at work to develop mega global cities was truly fascinating to me. But having said that, we also studied the […]